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September 20, 2008

Canon 5D Mark II Samples and Reactions

Just posted today, a 40-image sample gallery using a pre-production camera at dpreview. The pictures are out-of-camera JPEGs, taken on a sunny day in London. Full-size samples can be downloaded by visiting the individual picture pages. The Canon single-digit users are discussing them. Already over one hundred posts.

The Real Chuck Westfall talks about the 5DMk2 at Inside Digital Photo. This is a 20-minute interview, so be sure to check it out. No spoilers here but he says "worth the wait" :)

Chuck makes a cameo appearance in Gidmozo's hands-on camera views gallery. No images were allowed to be taken however.

DSLR User Magazine has a 10-minute hands-on YouTube video on this new camera with some 5D comparison as well.

Dive into the menus as if you have the camera in your hands, courtesy of Galbraith.

The haves and have-nots: What does the D700 have that the 5DMk2 does not? Apart from the NeeKon logo of course :)

Camera Rumors points us to high ISO samples from Japan. And Camera Town points us to a number of short movies courtesy of Canon Japan.

A self-described "photo nut" takes wedding photos with a pre-production (beta) release of the camera. Here they are! Dissection follows in the forums.

How about concert photography? Christopher Owyoung dissects its featured with music photography in mind.

Slash Gear points us to really high ISO crops from Norway.

New battery, new features, but no backward compatibility? Ouch!

The 5DMkII is available for pre-orders from a few reputable online dealers. See the pre-ordering center for the list.

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