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September 10, 2008

Canon 50D Daily Diary

We continue the 50D daily diary that started at the old blog. For all the major stories on Canon at this blog, be sure to check the Canon mini-blog. And for a list of reviews so far, be sure to check the DSLR Review Organizer.

Wedn April 21
The 50D serves as a gracious hostess for the new BIGMA, the 50-500mm OS from Sigma. Check out the sample pictures at Lens Tip.

Sat March 20
ephotozine published a few weeks ago a comparison review between the 50D and the Pentax K-7.

Mon March 15
Should you get the 50D or the new Canon Digital Rebel T2i (550D)? Photocritic starts the discussion on his blog...

Sat Jan 30
The 50D serves as the hostess for many sample pictures taken with the new Tamron 16.5-135mm DX lens posted at LensTip.

Mon Jan 25 reviews the 50D book written by Jeff Revell, entitled "From Snapshots to Great Shots". As usual, we won't spoil the findings of the review here.

Thur Jan 21, 2010
The 50D is in the top ten of digital cameras tested at The 50D is at the #10 spot, which means the next time a camera they review gets a higher score, the 50D will drop to #11.

Fri Nov 6
The Canon 50D takes on the 7D in an ISO comparison series as part of Roland Lim's review of the Canon 7D.

Mon Oct 26
The Canon 50D is participating in a noise-comparison between itself, the 5D Mark II and the 7D at camera website Camera Labs.

Sun Oct 25
The camera price continues to slide! Right now you can get the body-only for $992 sold and shipped by Amazon itself, not 3rd-party sellers. The kit with the EF 28-135 lens goes for around $1163.

Sun Oct 18
The Canon 50D served as the "base" for the brand new (and first as far as we can tell) review of the Canon 18-135mm IS EF-S lens posted at Photo Zone.

Fri Oct 16
Oh my! A month in between updates :( The Canon 50D is participating in an all-out ISO war at Japanese website DC-Watch. This is part of their report on the 7D, and it includes a full-range ISO comparison series of the 50D vs the 7D and The Others (D300s, K7). Read all about it via this front page blog update.

Thur Sept 17
Super-Chuck (Chuck Westfall) explains why the Canon 7D was named 7D and not 60D. The 50D is mentioned as well. This is the last topic in the September 2009 tech tips.

Fri Sept 11
Samples, macros, and full-size ISO comparison shots are the order of the day at Japanese website DC Watch. The pictures are taken with both the 50D and the 40D. Enjoy and even compare and contrast :)

Tue Sept 8
The 50D is sitting side-by-side the brand new 7D in a camera body comparison at a Japanese camera website. Details via this front page update.

Fri Aug 21
The 50D becomes a "facilitator" for PhotoZone's re-test of the Canon 70-400mm f4L IS lens.

Mon Aug 17
The 50D participates in a comparison shootout featuring other mid-range cameras. Discussed at the Pentax Forums is the comparison at Pentaxeros between the 50D, the D300 and a trio of K-mount dSLRs.

Mon August 10
What's the fastest memory card that a photographer can use to make the most of the Canon 50D speed? Chuck Westfall answers in this month's tech tips.

Wedn July 29
There is new firmware out, version 1.0.7. More details at The Digital Picture et al.

Mon July 27
Photographer Akira at DC-Watch has posted a new update on his of using the Canon 50D. The text is computer-translated but the pictures are universal :)

Sat June 25
Nikonian poster-child Scott Kelby has made a confession! He owns a Canon 50D! Evidence of this is provided at Lens Flare 35.

Thur July 23
Among other DSLRs, the 50D is participating in a test series at a Japanese camera site where they compare four memory cards in each dSLR participating in their test.

Tue July 14
As part of a rumor for an upcoming Canon 60D, mentions that Canon has been humbled by the "lack of sales" with the 50D. Again, this is part of the rumor, it is not an official statement, so 50D fans, save your tears!

Sun July 12
The 50D with the Sigma f2.8 lens is featured (among others) in the unpacking of CameraDojo's camera bag. Lots of gear are packed in the Think-Tank bag!

Sat July 11
The french version of Charlotte Lowrie's book on the 50D is out says Le Monde de la Photo. A good chance to practice your french :-)

Fri July 10
Rice High discussed an ISO comparison between 50D and Pentax K7/K20D samples, and it looks like most non-partisans think that the 50D won the comparison!

Thur July 9
Photographer Jeff Revell, who has written the "From Snapshots to Great Shots" book (Amazon), has a 25-minute podcast-interview talking 50D among other things. You can listen to the interview at

Wedn July 8
Another month without an update! All apologies! From Japan, from DCWatch, we have sample pictures taken with the 50D with the Sigma 18-50mm f2.8-4.5 DC OS HSM lens. Here they are.

Wedn June 10
The 50D is honored to be included in the June edition of Chuck Westfall's Tech Tips.

Mon May 18
David Ziser mentions on his blog the launch of the new 50D book be Jeff Revell. Check it out at Digital Pro Talk.

Mon May 4
Ninety days with the Canon 50D and photographer Gutter Vomit shares his experience. But be warned, he praises Nikon!

Sun May 3
Some nice pictures taken, while this photographer was on a road-trip with his 50D and 20D, squaring off his two DSLRs. Enjoy the pictures, commentary and discussion in the dpreview forums. If you are scared of bats, there is a scary bat picture! You have been warned :)

Mon April 27
Photographer, blogger and author Jeff Revell of PhotoWalkPro has some great news, the first prints of his new book on the Canon 50D have arrived at his doorstep. And through his blog, you can find a link to a sample chapter from the book, so you can check whether the book's style may be helpful to you.

And by sample chapter we don't mean just a few pages, the sample PDF file is 51-pages long, including the table of contents. We browsed through it, and one thing that we liked is the heavy use of real-world pictures to illustrate the points he is trying to make. It's one thing to read about the theoretical and technical possibilities of a camera, and another to actually see what this and that can actually do.

The book is available for pre-ordering at Amazon for $16.49 with pre-order price guarantee (if it drops in price before release, you pay the lowest price).

Thur April 23
A new user-review is spotlighted at Photography Review and that review disagrees (strongly) with the conclusions of the dpreview review. Why does he disagree? Read on to find out!

A new wave of new Canon firmware includes the the EOS 50D. Details via dpreview. And more on the firmware update is this vigorous discussion in the dpreview forums.

Wedn April 22
The 50D is one of five competing cameras sitting at the #3 spot of The Online Photographers list of Top 10 cameras - in their opinion of course.

Sun April 19
A nice picture from Amelia Island shared in the Canon dpreview forums.

Wedn April 15
Tax day it is, but this comparison is not as taxing. A diversion if you like, the 50D going up against the D300 at Pro Photo Home.

Meanwhile at POTN, there is a poll-discussion in their forums, squaring off the D90 with the 50D.

Sun April 12
Sample chapter from Jeff Revell's upcoming 50D book can be found at this Peach Pit website courtesy of Peach Pit guy on twitter.

Wedn April 8
An informal poll in the dpreview forums asks current 50D owners whether they would buy it again. Of course there is no proof of ownership to answer this question, so your mileage may vary :)

Tue April 7
In an interview with CNet, Chuck Westfall seems to hint that full-frame is not likely to come to the 50D-level. This is an in-depth interview and touches upon a number of topics.

Thur April 2
As we mentioned yesterday, the review was coming and it is now here. DP Interface has posted their completed Canon 50D review. No spoilers as usual.

Jeff Revell of PhotoWalk Pro has a book coming up on the camera, and just launched is a flickr group to accompany his book. Check it out!

Wedn April 1
Sample pictures for review purposes (pixel-peepiential shots) are posted at DP Interface, which also means there is review coming up from them as well!

Mon March 23
We are back with an update! NeoCamera has posted their spartan yet graphic review of the 50D. Note the pros and cons segment and the assessment box. It's a review ideal for speed-readers for "word soup" multi-taskers :)

Sun March 8
There is rebate promotion for the Canon 50D in Japan says The rebate can be up to 20,000 yen depending on the products purchased.

Mon March 2
Wow, it's been one and a half months since we had an update here!

Canon Rumors notes that version 1.0.5 of the firmware has surfaced!

Wedn Jan 14: 50D night on the town
Allen Ang uses his 50D to take pictures from a concert. Singing not included in the blog post though :)

Another 50D goes to see some fake wrestling, taking two dates with it, the 50/f1.4 and the 200/f2. To see the pictures, be sure to locate the "PHOTO GALLERY" link right above the second (wide-angle) picture.

Fri Jan 9: new review
The 50D gets reviewed by PC World and gets a score of 87. We are not big fans of numeric camera review evaluations, especially when using arbitrary numbers like that but (I guess) they are a necessarily evil when having to summarize findings for a non-cameraholic audience. PC World approaches this from their computer-testing perspective but they do have a specific testing procedure for cameras, but some can point out that you can't test a camera the same way you test a computer.

And another short review, this one by Digital Arts Online, composed of two short pages.

Jeff Lynch continues his 50D coverage with a new post on dynamic range and has a sample b+w picture as well.

One new owner thinks the 50D is ...ducky. And they have one of the coolest photography blog names we've seen: "The Journal of Light Photography".

Another new owner unboxes his new 50D and loves his new camera!

Tue Jan 6
The 50D takes on the 5DMk2 and they both shoot birds (no birds harmed in this type of shooting). The results, and conclusions perhaps may surprise some! See it all, including the pictures in the FM forums.

Sat Jan 3, 2009
New 50D owner is excited and shares three "green" shots.

Here is a single comparison shot between the 50D and D-Rebel XSi 450D in the dpreview forums.

Tue Dec 30
Luminous Landscape has a guest photographer writing about the Canon 50D. Why does the guest-blogger think the 50D is a milestone? Read on to find out!

Sun Dec 28
We haven't mentioned this before (I think), Bob Atkins and Hannah Thiem have posted a 50D review at

Jeff Lynch tries the 50D for wildlife photography and shares some of his thoughts on his blog, "Serious Amateur Photography". No spoilers here, check it out to find out :) And there's more, he also talks about RAW and NR.

Sat Dec 20
The future of the double-digit-D series is the topic of a very interesting post at Canon Rumors. What may the future hold for this series of EOS?

What happens when a slacker gets a Canon 50D? The following review coming from a photographer upgrading from the 30D. So what did he think?

The 5DMk2 is not the only star of the latest Canon white paper. The 50D got some PDF action as well. Link and details via Galbraith.

And is this the singer from Limp Bizkit using the camera?

Thur Dec 18: new review
The students have graduated from School! And what is their graduation thesis? A 50D review!

Wedn Dec 17
New Canon white paper includes the 50D, along of course with the 5dMk2. The PDF link thru Galbraith's.

Mon Dec 15: new review
We have a new review of the EOS 50D today, this one at Photography Bay. You can find all the reviews so far as the Review Organizer page mentioned in the intro at the top of this "diary".

Sat Dec 13
A not-so-lucky 13 for the 50D as it gets a double ouch at Jeff Lynch's blog where he compares it with the 40D and looks at some of the published reviews.

Speaking of which, Steve's Digicams just recently posted their 50D review.

Thur Dec 11
How does the Live View do underwater? That question is for the moment unanswered.

New user is excited about their new DSLR.

Tue Dec 9
From Japan, via, SNUG It Pro DDSP-C50D coming for the Canon 50D. Read more (computer-translated).

Mon Dec 8: New Book!

We have a brand new book for the 50D coming up! Photographer-blogger Jeff Revell of Photo Walk Pro has just announced on his blog that he has written a 50D book, "Canon 50D: From Snapshots to Great Shots". The book is available for pre-ordering at Amazon for about $16.50. The book has also been added to the Books section of the 50D reviews page.

The 50D barks at the moon! The picture is taken with the 50D using a telescope adapter of course. Check it out!

Fri Dec 5: Catching up...
A duel, 50D vs D90, who comes on top? Details at the Popular Science blog.

Chris Chadwick of G4's "Attack of the Show" has a 5-minute video review of the Canon 50D. Not a replacement for the dpreview review, but some may find it interesting or entertaining or just plain silly. We blog, you decide!

The most serious review of this lot comes from PDN Gear Guide, which is one of the blogs from the people that bring us the Photo District News magazine.

We are not done yet, another review, a shortie, at the Australian version of MacWorld.

We think this is also a review, or a first impression, we are not sure, our computer-translated Swedish is not very good, check it out for yourselves at (untranslated).

Photo Walk Pro has a money-saving tip on how to get macro on the cheap - with the 50D - although you can take the same approach for other cameras as well.

What lens to use with for wildlife shooting? Some suggestions in the AVforums.

The 50D will be one of the cameras that will get voice-control capability when the ShutterVoice program is rolled out says Galbraith.

Sat Nov 22
Denise recommends a 4-minute video by Michael the Mentor that serves as a primer for live-view auto-focusing, a recent development in the world of SLRs.

How do you max out sharpness when using this with the new 18-200 EF-S IS lens? A long discussion in the dpreview forums.

A shootout Alfred Hitchcock would approve, the 50D and other dSLRs compete for ...the Birds.

And something after Black Friday, the QuickPro 50D tutorial DVD will be released on November 30. The DVD "stars" Todd Hansen.

Thur Nov 20: What about Bob?
Bob Atkins has posted his detailed review. What did he think? Well, no spoilers here, but you can find the detailed conclusions on the seventh page of the review mini-site.

Mon Nov 17
Ch-ch-ch-changes! On paper and imaginary that is. Engadget is asking readers to opine on what they would change on the 50D. Realistic changes of course. I'm sure everyone would be happy if it cost $50 and had every single feature of the 1Ds, but that's not very realistic :-)

The 50D was one of the many topics featured in episode #2 of the "Digital Photography Life" podcast.

Photographer Tyson Williams is trying to decide. 40D or 50D? We blog, they decide!

He's not a real blogger, but he made up his mind, and the decision was to go to with the 50D. Hooray!

Fri Nov 14
Bob Atkins has posted an interesting "spec debate", 40D vs 50D vs D300 vs D90. This is not a review or a shootout but a discussion of the cameras, their features, how they fit in the market, and what to buy and things like that. Read at

If you like reviews short and shorter, you may be interested in the TechRadar review.

Canon Japan is releasing a limited edition (3000 units) bundle of the 50D with the EF-S 17-85 lens and 430EX II flash. The price is 408,500 yen. More at the computer-translated Canon Japan.

Thur Nov 13: new review
We have a new review by a Canon-focuses website, The Digital Picture. As usual no spoilers, but be sure to check it out, lots of ISO testing and cmoparisons are offered there.

Tue Nov 11
Photography can be a lot of fun! The evidence? These friendly ladies are certainly enjoying life and the 50D! But the fun does not end there, another photographer falls for the 50D.

And the Geek Dad over at Wired talks about the 50D and the sixth stage of greiving.

I think this may be a review, but I can't really tell, at

Mon Nov 10: new review in French
Alors! A new review of the 50D, this time by the french-speaking Focus Numerique. They also compare it to its closer competitors, such as le Pentax K20D, le Canon 40D, et la Nikon D300.

Sun Nov 9: new review
Yes 50D fans, we have another review to digest, this one posted by Digital Camera Review. As always, no spoilers here, but if you are pressed for time, the conclusions and pros and cons are towards the bottom of the page.

Sat Nov 8
One month with the 50D and what does this photographer think about the 50D? Think ...randomness.

Fri Nov 7
The 50D gets a high profile ad, the of the PDN magazine. Yes, the front cover, which is a rather rare practice. Front page story :-)

Arthur Agin shares his first impressions with the 50D. The author cuts to the chase and gives his pros and cons!

Michael the Maven has posted a live view test of the 50D.

Wedn Nov 5: Price Drops!!!
The 50D body only, after an instant rebate is factored in is down to $1200 at some reputable online dealers, while the kit with the EF 28-135 lens is down to $1400. The prices are $200 below the "starting prices". More details!

Mon Nov 3: two new reviews
Another milestone review for the 50D is in, this time at Imaging Resource and this, along with the dpreview review, outline the initial narrative for the camera.

A new review this time at Let's Go Digital. If you are in a hurry, their conclusions are on page #9. You may also want to compare and contrast this with the dpreview review, mentioned under the October 30 entry :-)

Fri Oct 31
Is the new firmware update (1.0.3) fixing the Err99 asks Richards Notes. Either way, firmware 1.0.3 is out! Meanwhile GrfxGuru had another Err99.

Would you chose the 50D or the older 1DMk2 for birding? The birding forum users debate.

Thur Oct 30: The dpreview review is here!
Yes, the dpreview review is published, 32 pages in all. Discussion in the impact review update.

Tue Oct 28 points us to Canon Japan where we learn of firmware 1.03 for the 50D.

Sun Oct 26
The Seriously Amateur Photography blog compares the 40D with the 50D. With a price delta of roughly four price-stops, there is certainly plenty of rumor for trade-offs. One price-stop is one hundred dollars.

The GrfxGuru is getting more bullish on the 50D, and exclaims that the AF micro-adjustments "rock".

Asia One of the Straits Times recaps the main features of the 50D. With so many new cameras coming in waves, recaps are good :)

Who says the 50D is not a fun camera? The official party photographer is using!

Sat Oct 25
New sample pictures from the 50D, available for download as full-size, and a sign that a review is coming up soon. The website? Let's Geaux Digital. Lots of colorful pictures with fine detail to test the limits of the new 15-megapixel sensor.

Thur Oct 23
Various high-ISO samples are discussed in this jam-packed Sportshooter thread.

If you missed it, ephotozine has a 400-second video preview of the 50D posted at

Tue Oct 21: Catching up
A new review of both the camera and the new 18-200 kit lens has been posted by Lori Grunin at CNet. What did Lori find out? No spoilers here!

The Will Shoot blog squares them off, D300 vs 50D. This is a spec-comparison, no side-by-side sample pictures are provided.

Full size high ISO JPEG samples have been posted by David Lee Tong. And one of the benefits of having kids, is having colorful toys to test multiple aspects of a camera. More ISO tests from grfx guru.

Engadget features a review round-up from around the internets. And a long discussion follows.

Bird lovers are debating the 50D. Check the discussion at Hurry up, the threads may away ;-)

Mon Oct 13
The body only is now shipping for $1400 from Ritz/Wolf Cameras. No sales tax and no shipping.

Sun Oct 12
The ship has docked and delivered OneCall boxes of 50D body only. Currently going for the standard price of $1400 with free shipping and handling.

The WillShoot blog has lots of 50D coverage, including stacked teleconverter moon shots, auto-focus micro-adjustments, hot pixels, file sizes, and a lot more. This blog has only one post per page, which perhaps makes it easier to read.

GRFX Guru has posted a short JPEG vs RAW. RAW using Adobe's Camera RAW 4.6.

A new blog starts out of the gate with a hands-on review of the 50D. This with a production camera. Landscape sample pictures are included but they are not full size.

Another new 50D arrival, this photographer has posted his first picture, a pair of nesting Least Grebes.

Tue Oct 7
Decision time! A photographer is between the 50D and the XSi 450d. Forum users give their opinions on which one they think would be the better choice for his/her situation.

Mon Oct 6
More comments and feedback has been posted in Roland Lim's review of the 50D, so be sure to check out his new comments, and also the feedback of his readers. Over 100 comments already.

A quick weekend first look after shooting a couple of weddings with it at the Snapshots blog.

A few sample pictures at flickr in giant ginkgo's photo-stream. Pictures are available in full size, taken at a farmer's market.

Sun Oct 5
Canon is back says Neutral Day after looking at the various reviews and first impressions posted out there on the internets.

One photographer has switched to the 50D, and shows their new favorite photographic setup with prime, zoom and flash. Another photographer played with the 50D and is sharing his impressions. And another photographer will be receiving her 50D on Monday and promises to share the excitement!

Sat Oct 4
Imaging Resource has posted their 50D sample pictures, including outdoors and studio shots.

Thur Oct 2
The 50D body only has started to ship from at least one of the major photo retailers online. Details in this 50D shipping alert.

And we have a new review alert as well! Photography Blog has posted their 50D review.

Photographer-blogger Michael the Maven has posted his early first impressions on the 50D, pointing out at some of the pluses and minuses.

Wedn Oct 1
Gizmodo has an update that says October 5 is 50D day at Best Buy. October 5 is of course a Sunday, and that is when the weekly ads are published in the Sunday newspapers around the country. So look in your Sunday paper perhaps for a 50D promo?

Photo-blogger grfx guru opines on the 50D and lists his likes and dislikes in a clear and concise fashion.

Photographer Per Arne Askeland has run resolution tests of the 50D, 5D and 40D. Head on to his website and click on "news" under the website title to see this article.

Tue Sept 30
New update! 17th Street Photo upon Amazon has five kit lens units available for the 50D with the EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM.

We have two reviews today, read all about them in the stand-alone 50D review update.

Coming or going? Canon Rumors says some people are receiving their 50Ds, while grfx guru says that Amazon will have it in late October.

Mon Sept 29
The NSLog() talks VF and AF points among the new EOS DSLRs. What do you think?

Meanwhile a Random blogger has received a 50D and promises to post about it after it is delivered.

Sun Sept 28
Three pictures of a "real 50D" from Photokina at DigiCamReview.

Meanwhile DCI gets their hands on a 50D unit. Please note this is not a full review.

Camera47 rates their favorite new Photokina stuff, and the 50D makes it to #2. Hooray says the 50D fan club!

DigitalRev has a side by side of the 50D with the evil Nikon D90. A model holds the two dSLRs for an extra visual dimension to the comparison ;-)

Sun Sept 21
Is the 50D a good choice for a photography student?

Sat Sept 20
Gary Ayton has a long article on Canon, sensors and optics. It touches upon the three hot Canon releases of Photokina, the 50D, 5DMk2, and G10.

Fri Sept 19
This generated a lot of buzz: Canon engineers claim they were held up by their marketing department. Not that that surprises us. Look at the specs of most of today's digital cameras if you need further proof!

Wedn Sept 17
Engadget and other blogs report that a potential shipping date is October 6.

Tue Sept 16
New sample sets posted at flickr are discussed vigorously in the Canon dpreview forum. One user is left "speechless". Another sees "vultures". As usual, the opinions are all over the place.

Mon Sept 15
The Online Photographer analyzes an ISO 3200 picture.

Sun Sept 14
High ISO sample pictures from Singapore are spotlighted at Neutray Day.

The "Musings" blog has a round-up on the new cameras, starting with the 50D.

Olympus photographer Marissa Lare is trying to decide between the 50D and the D300.

Jump 11 minutes into the podcast for a 50D vs D90 audio battle, featured at the McNamara Report. Yes, that name is familiar because Mike was a big part of the Popular Photography magazine.

Thur Sept 11
A nano hands-on preview at Tallyn's blog.

Wedn Sept 10
Gizmodo has a round-up of various samples and hands-on previews.

High ISO, high volume of debates in the Canon dpreview forums.

Best of the last few days
Camera Labs has a spec-preview including a summary-spec comparison at the bottom of the post, juxtaposing (not sure what this word means) it with the 40D, D90, and D300. has a gallery of samples taken with the 50D + 18-200 IS EF-S lens. Samples are not full size.

If you missed the Brutus-on-50D, Richard Notes has it linked.

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